I have very sensitive skin that reacts easily to everything but i still need to moisturize, right, so I've been looking around for not just organics stuff but chemical free as well. I realize a lot of products are organics but not chemical free and was absolutely thrilled to find Badger. I love the Badger Baby Oil. It's not sticky (I can't stand sticky!) and it pretty easily absorbed.
I wish it was less pricey but it's worth it.


I would like to feedback my experience in using Badger Massage & Body
Oil (Healing Blend)
. I used the oil regularly after a good shower and
it proof to be very helpful. I have recently develop an allergy to
sanitary napkin. Even resort to using organic napkins but it did not
work. So I decided to protect my skin with the Badger Body oil
(Healing Blend), before my period come. Unexpectedly, my rash did not
appear and I can even use my regular normal napkins. This experience
proof that Badger do use natural ingredients especially on skin that
is allergy prone/sensitive skin, and my skin feels great and smell
great too. Bye Bye rashes.



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