About Us

Natural Basics was born out of sheer frustration at the inability of finding quality natural and/or organic products on the Malaysian market.  Our mission has been to seek out premium quality natural and/or organic products to bring to the Malaysian market.  In our quest we have insisted that quality is paramount and we have refused to compromise on this principle.  We wanted to be confident enough ourselves of the product before deciding to launch it in the Malaysian market.

Our story in fact begins with our relatives, friends and own clinic patients’ demands for natural skin care products for their newborn infants, young children and family.  The scarcity of quality natural and organic products on the Malaysian market and the frequent enquiries from desperate parents embarked us on this quest for truly natural and organic products.   

Initially we started out to supply only to family and friends and to satisfy our clinic patients’ needs but it soon became evident that there was a greater demand out in the community than what had been apparent in our small paediatric practice.  As we talked to more and more parents in the community, we realised that in fact the demand was far more considerable than we had anticipated.  Furthermore, through our own research, much that was on the market claiming to be organic was in fact for from actually that.  Very few if any products were certified organic by authorised bodies or equivalents such as ACO (Australian Certified Organic Pty Ltd) or USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

More and more families are becoming aware of the benefits of natural and organic products. They have actively adopted a healthier and natural lifestyle and in doing so contribute to protecting our planet.  Our mission is to guide young and old alike in their journey for a greener lifestyle.  We hope to create a greater awareness through the products we have brought to the Malaysian market.  Refusing to compromise on our tenet to ensure that all our products are of premium quality, we research and frequently test the products before bringing them on to the market.  Of course, our consumers are our greatest advisors and our products are an expression of their demands.  So at the end of the day we are all about bring natural living to you.

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